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Hydro Seeding is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to a great lawn. Turbo Turf has been a leader in the hydro seeding filed and has been creating beautiful lawns in Beaver County and surrounding areas since 1993.

Hydro seeding consists of spraying on a mixture of water, a high quality seed blend, fertilizer and hydro seeding mulch that helps keep the soil moist and promotes fast germination. We can seed any variety of lawn seed, athletic field mixes, erosion control mixes such as crown vetch, wildflowers and most any turf seed that can planted by seed.

We can seed most any application. We have seeded new lawns, re seeded areas damaged by repairs such as sewage lines being installed, golf courses, football, baseball, and soccer fields, hillsides for erosion control, retention ponds and lots more.

You have probably seen many of our jobs. They include hundreds of homes in the area, the football and baseball fields behind Beaver Falls High School. We have also seeded for New Brighton Schools, Monaca and Riverside. We seeded about 15 acres at Blackhawk Golf Course when they added the First Tee Area, We have also seeded for a number of churches, factory's, warehouses and more.

Hydro Seeding can give you a lawn that will quickly become a better healthier lawn than Sod at a small fraction of the cost. We are very competitive in our prices and are happy to jobs that others won't consider. We have seeded areas as small as 100 square feet and as big as 750,000 square feet. We have seeded as far as Greenville to the north, Washington PA to the south and into Ohio, We guarantee our jobs. If you call and ask for a quote we will get back to you promptly and do all we can to see that you soon have a beautiful lawn.

We are true Hydro Seeding Specialists.

The service part of our business consists totally of hydro seeding. We don't do prep work, mowing, mulch beds, landscaping installations or anything else. We know hydro seeding inside and out and try or best to do a better job for less cost than any of our competitors. If you need prep work done or other service we work with contractors that can provide those services and would be happy to recommend someone.

800-822-3437 or 724-846-0670

We are a proud member of the IAHP


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